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Deleting DropInBlog code from your theme files (after uninstalling our app)

When you download any app from the Shopify App Store, code for each app is injected into your theme files in order for the app to function. When you uninstall the app, those bits of code remain in your liquid files. This leftover code is completely harmless; however, some store owners prefer to delete it.

This is how you can delete it:

Note that you first have to uninstall the Shopify DropInBlog app before following the steps below for deleting our code from your theme.

Code Snippets

In your main theme file (generally: layout/theme.liquid), there are a few snippets of code to remove.

Near the top of <head> delete:

{%- if dropinblog == 1 -%}{{ dropinblog_head_top }}{%- endif -%}

Near the bottom of <head> delete:

{%- if dropinblog == 1 -%}{{ dropinblog_head_bottom }}{%- endif -%}

Inside <head>...
replace this:

{%- if dropinblog == 1 -%}
	{{ dropinblog_head_social }}
{%- else -%}
 	{% render 'social-meta-tags' %} <-- This line must match your old code
{%- endif -%}

with this:

{% render 'social-meta-tags' %} <-- This may vary, see note

Note: The remaining code can vary depending on your theme. It may be something like {% include 'social-meta-tags' %} or {% render 'social-meta-info' %} that should remain. Just make sure you keep what's between the {%- else -%} and {%- endif -%}.


Only one more step, which is deleting this from your files:


That's it! You've now removed the last traces of the DropInBlog Shopify App from your store files. Again, if you have any questions about this process, feel free to reach out to us on Messenger.

Updated on: 04/01/2024

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