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Users: Managing them and what they are for

Managing your blog can involve more than writing or publishing posts, especially as your blog grows. You can add users to help you manage your DropInBlog.

Note to Shopify users: On the DropInBlog Shopify App, blog users are based on the Shopify Account Users, so unfortunately these granular options are not yet available. You can add additional users to your Shopify store and give them access to apps to allow writers access to DropInBlog while keeping them insulated from your main store administration.

To access your users, select My Account > Users on the navigation menu

You will See existing users and the option to add users

Here are different user roles you can add:

Admins & Master Admin - They can publish and manage posts, blog settings, authors, account plan and credit card information. The Master Admin is the account that created the blog. Their user role or permissions cannot be changed.

Editor - Manage and publish posts, access to blog categories and authors.

Writer - Only managing and publishing posts.

Custom - You can create custom users by selecting this option, allowing you manually select the permissions they have access to.

Make changes to existing users

To make changes to existing users, click their name.

We have a more detailed explanation of users on our blog if you are looking to learn more about users and how they may be useful for your blog.

Updated on: 28/10/2021

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