Deactivating the BigCommerce default blog

As previously mentioned, BigCommerce already comes with a basic blog feature built-in. To prevent any issues, this blog feature needs to be deactivated. Log into your BigCommerce account and navigate to your default blog by clicking Storefront and then Blog in the main sidebar.

Use the Blog Visibility toggle to prevent the blog from being shown on your store. Turning off the visibility will make sure nobody stumbles upon the default blog by accident.

Next, open the blog settings by clicking the button containing the 3 dots icon (•••). Here you’ll need to rename the now unused built-in blog to free up the namespace, so that the name Blog can be used for your new DropInBlog powered blog. In my case, I’ll be renaming it to Old Blog. Once changed ensure the Blog URL has been updated as well, you can amend this manually if it hasn’t already.

Click Save Settings in the bottom right once you’ve made your changes.

Updated on: 24/05/2023

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