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How does DropInBlog work and for who?

How DropInBlog works

DropInBlog is the simplest and quickest option for someone looking to have a beautiful and customizable blog on their website.

DropInBlog works by inheriting the CSS of the website it is embedded into. Embed a few lines of code and your DropInBlog will inherit the typeface, colors, look, and feel of the actual website.

Who does DropInBlog work for?

DropInBlog is designed to help people who have no or poor blogging options for their website.
It's for people looking for an easier way to start and manage a beautiful blog.
DropInBlog is a popular option for starting a second blog, especially on WordPress sites.
It also works for anyone looking for a more customizable blog. We offer the option to add custom CSS code even if your website doesn't allow direct CSS customization.

Not sure if DropInBlog will work for you or have questions? Contact us.

How to install and manage a DropInBlog

Once you create a DropInBlog account, go to the Code & Layout page to follow the DropInBlog general code integration guide. We also created detailed guides that show you how to integrate DropInBlog on specific platforms like WordPress, BigCommerce, Carrd, and more.

1. Integrate with your website

The Code & Layout page on the navigation menu will give you access to the following:

You will see the code to embed DropInBlog on your website and the entire general integration guide.

The JSON API option is available on the Code & Layout page.

Or follow our detailed integration guides for platforms like WordPress, BigCommerce, Carrd, and more.

DropInBlog is platform agnostic and should work on all platforms and websites. If you would like to ask about a specific use case or are experiencing trouble integrating DropInBlog, contact us for help.

2. Choose your blog layout and customize further with settings and CSS code

Blog Layouts

Blog Layouts are located under Code & Layouts – you can choose the layout or theme of your choice for your blog. There are currently 3 layout options available.


Blog settings give you control over navigation options for your visitors and how your blog and its posts will appear as visitors browse and read.

Custom CSS

Custom CSS allows you to customize your blog by entering CSS code into the box below.

3. Manage and publish blog posts with the Posts, Categories, and Authors pages


This is where you can publish a new blog post and manage existing ones.


Create and manage the categories for your blog posts to organize content for your visitors.


The Authors page allows you to manage and add authors to your blog.

Updated on: 03/01/2024

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