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Q&A: Everything that is possible with DropInBlog

Your questions about DropInBlog answered and more. We also recommend our article about How DropInBlog works and for who.

Formatting & publishing blog posts
SEO & Media on DropInBlog
Customizing DropInBlog

Formatting & publishing blog posts

Can DropInBlog support post categories?

DropInBlog allows you to create categories and assign your posts to as many categories as you please. On your blog, readers can view all posts in specific categories by clicking on a category name.

Can I change the order of my blog posts?

You can do so by changing the "published dates." By default, DropInBlog shows your most recent blog posts at the top of the list.

Can I set a blog post to appear at a future date?

Set the "published date" of your post as the date you want it to appear publicly. The post will not appear on your site until that day!

Can I set a blog post to be "private"? Meaning only people I share the URL with can see it?

Choose "Private" instead of "Published" from the Visibility dropdown menu on the post editor page. Your post won't show up in your main blog feed, nor the category pages, etc. Only people you share the link with will be able to see it.


SEO & Media on DropInBlog

SEO Tip: Be sure to enable the SEO Supercharger (w/ Cloudflare connection)

Does DropInBlog provide any added SEO benefits to my website since this is a "third party"?

Your DropInBlog posts are all indexed by search engines. All traffic will be credited to your site and not to our platform which makes DropInBlog a simple yet effective part of your overall SEO strategy.

Our SEO Analyzer also helps you improve each blog post's SEO by allowing you to control how your posts will appear on Google and providing you real-time actionable feedback on how to improve each post's SEO.

And no SEO plugins needed! You absolutely don't have to worry about updating or downloading anything – just use our SEO Analyzer to add SEO details for each blog post.

Can I include images and videos in my blog posts with DropInBlog?

You can upload images and embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or any of the popular video sites. If it doesn't work, we'll look into making it happen for you. We love to develop our product!

Does DropInBlog have social sharing buttons?

You can easily add social sharing buttons with a toggle on the Blog Settings Page. Your posts also have a "Highlight to Share" feature enabled by default (and this can also be managed on the Settings Page).


Customizing DropInBlog

Can I add forms to blog posts in DropInBlog?

Most 3rd party form solutions work with DropInBlog by pasting the form code into the post editor in the HTML view (Tools > Source code).

Is there a way to insert JavaScript into the contents of the article?

In the post editor, open the Source code to view the HTML of your article. In this popup you can insert JavaScript.

Can I change some HTML/CSS elements of my blogs? Like the color of the "read more" or changing the blog post width?

You have full control of how your blog looks. We have some templates to get you started, and those look great. However, if you want to make any changes, every element has a unique CSS class and you can adapt the design to your taste with ease.

How do I remove the border and shadow on my in-post images?

Some of the templates put a nice shadow and border on the images that you insert into you posts. If you want to remove this on a specific image just add class="dib-noborder" to the img tag of the desired image.

Check out these blog examples to see how dynamic your DropInBlog can be!

Updated on: 20/03/2024

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