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Adding a blog post

When adding a blog post:

Click Posts on the navigation menu and then Add Post.

The blog post editor will appear. This is where you should paste or type your new blog post.

Post Title: Start by adding your title.

Content: Move on to add the actual blog post.

If you are pasting your content or blog post from an external editor, be sure to check out this article on how to do that properly (to avoid formatting issues).

Otherwise, write your post in the content section and use our editing options to format your post.

Make sure you click on Paragraph (highlighted in the image above) to access different header options that you can use to set your headings or titles. Creating headers or titles this way will ensure that they are recognized accurately for SEO purposes.

Understanding all our editing options

While the DropInBlog editing menu offers standard options for you to format your blog post, there are some options you might not be familiar with. Here is what they do:

"Paragraph" drop-down menu Click on paragraph to access a drop-down menu that allows you to format your headings properly and differentiate them from regular text in your blog post.

Insert File Allows you to insert a link to a file like a PDF.

Anchor (under Insert....) Allows you to create a clickable menu for visitors to quickly navigate to important parts of your blog post. Here is a video tutorial.

Source Code or Code (under Format....) This allows you to edit the actual HTML of the post directly. This is for advanced users who know HTML.

Superscript (under Format....) For inserting annotations.

Subscript (under Format....) For inserting markups.

We recommend reading this article on how to set your posts' SEO (these features appear below the post editor) and our article on adjusting your blog post's settings (these features are on the right-hand side of the post editor). These articles are highly recommended because your post's SEO and settings are almost as important as your content.

Updated on: 03/01/2024

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