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Using your RSS feed URL to share your blog posts on social media

You can automate the sharing of your blog posts on social media by using Hootsuite and SmarterQueue with your DropInBlog RSS feed link. Hootsuite and SmarterQueue are both social media scheduling and management tools

This is the only way you can share your blog posts on social media due to social media platforms not fully supporting JavaScript generated content. We explain this issue with more detail here.

You can check out Hootsuite and SmarterQueue to determine which platform to use as there aren’t any significant differences between the two tools if you are just using them to solve this social sharing problem.

The first thing you need to do is retrieve your DropInBlog's RSS feed URL, which is done by first accessing Settings:

Click Social Feeds (RSS) under Blog URL

Then copy your Main Feed URL

Step 2: Setting up Hootsuite or SmarterQueue

Once you have your RSS feed URL, follow the instructions below to automate social media posting with Hootsuite or SmarterQueue.


You can use Hootsuite’s native RSS feature to set up auto-publishing for your blog posts to be automatically published on your social media accounts.

Create a Hootsuite account

Open Settings (top-right) > Account & Settings > RSS/Atom > Click the plus button > Paste the RSS feed URL from Step 1

Select the profile to publish posts to

Set the frequency of checking posts i.e. every 24, 12, 6 hours

You can add Prepend text to each message like: ‘here is our latest blog post’ for your social media posts to appear more friendly and not just as a link.

Click Save Feed

If you want to publish to a Twitter and also a Facebook account, you’d have to download the paid Hootsuite RSS AutoPublisher.

Here is a Hootsuite resource you can use to learn more about automating the sharing of your bog posts to your social media accounts:


Create an account. Then...

Follow this detailed article by SmarterQueue on how to use the DropInBlog RSS feed URL to set up automated publishing on your social media accounts.

Updated on: 29/10/2021

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