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How does Google index my blog posts?

Search engines, like Google, use web crawlers (also known as spiders or search engine bots) to index web page content and pages linked within them. These web crawlers don't load pages like we do in our web browser, instead they read the data in a behind the scenes way so that they can can work faster to index the pages.

As JavaScript frameworks grew in popularity, web crawlers also evolved to accommodate this method of building websites. Google will also load JavaScript on a page and allow it to render any remaining content on the page. This means that web crawlers will have no problem indexing your DropInBlog powered blog.

However, for best results please enable our SEO Supercharger (w/ Cloudflare connection) as this will make your blog pages static, URLs cleaner, and social sharing work better.

Regardless of how your website loads content, it's recommended that you add your website to tools such as Google Search Console and provide a sitemap so Google can navigate and index all the content on your website.

Updated on: 03/07/2024

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