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Javascript/HTML Social Sharing Limitations

Currently, social media platforms such as Facebook do not render JavaScript generated content. This unfortunately means that when you share a link to your blog post the normal way, the featured image, title and description of your blog post will not display correctly on social media platforms.

However, most of the content published on the web is increasingly becoming JavaScript generated. That is why we’re hoping this issue will end very soon as social media platforms work to accommodate all types of content on the internet.

RSS feed solution to this problem

We offer an RSS feed that could be used with third party services like Hootsuite or SmarterQueue for social media publishing.

Once you sync your RSS feed with those services, Hootsuite or SmarterQueue will automatically publish your blog posts to your connected social media channel(s), and the featured image, title and description will display correctly.

We wrote this article to show you how to set up RSS feed publishing if you are keen on sharing your blog posts on social media.

Updated on: 17/05/2021

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