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SEO Supercharger (w/ Cloudflare connection)

What is Cloudflare

Cloudflare is a company that provides a range of services aimed at improving the security, performance, and reliability of websites and internet services. It operates as a content delivery network (CDN) and offers various solutions to protect websites from malicious attacks, speed up website loading times, and enhance overall web performance.

Cloudflare's primary service is its global network of servers spread across different data centers worldwide. When a website uses Cloudflare's services, its traffic is routed through this network, which helps to optimize the delivery of content and ensure fast and reliable access for visitors.

What are the benefits of using a Cloudflare connection

Our Cloudflare connection is an add-on to our default HTML/Javascript embed integration that gives you some amazing benefits:

Cleaner URLs - Say goodbye to ?p=my-post-name, and hello to /my-post-name/
Lightning-Fast - Using a unique technology, we are able to flatten your blog posts and load them lightning fast without the use of JavaScript. TL;DR You'll get fast-loading static blog pages that Google absolutely loves.
Dynamic Sitemap - You’ll get a live sitemap URL that you can submit to Google Search Console which updates every time you have a new blog post. This will help your new, and updated, posts index faster.
Social Sharing - Shared blog posts on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will display your post’s SEO Page Title, SEO Meta Description, and Featured Image.


Your domain's DNS needs to be hosted with Cloudflare. In many cases it already is, but if it is not you will need to transfer your DNS from your existing provider to Cloudflare. Once your domain is setup on Cloudflare you need to make sure that the Cloudflare proxy for your domain is turned on.

It is possible you may need to update the SSL encryption mode in Cloudflare. If you find that your website shows a "too many redirects" error, make sure that it is set to "Full". You can find this under SSL/TLS > Overview.

Specific Platform Instructions


If your website is built using BigCommerce, it is required that your DNS record is setup as a CNAME record. If your DNS is setup as an A record, you will need to switch it.

If your domain is a naked domain, such as "", create your CNAME record pointing "@" to

If your domain uses a subdomain, such as "", create your CNAME record pointing your subdomain (i.e. "www") to

If you have questions about transferring your DNS to Cloudflare, turning on the Cloudflare proxy, or anything else... just reach out by clicking the chat bubble on the bottom right. We're standing by to lend a hand!

Updated on: 30/05/2023

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