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Enabling comments on your blog with Disqus (Method 2/2)

Disqus allows bloggers like yourself to have a feature-rich comment system and it is installed just like our blog, with drop-in code. In a few steps, you can integrate a Disqus comment system for your visitors to start conversations on your blog posts.
Below you can find a video tutorial on how to add Disqus comments to your DropInBlog blog posts.

This is one of the two methods you can use to add a comment system to your DropInBlog. The alternative is doing it through Facebook Comments.

Step 1

Sign up for Disqus and get a shortname

Go to to begin signing up.
Select I want to install Disqus on my site when asked what you want to use Disqus for.
Enter your company name in the Website Name field.
Select your Category.
Click Create Site.
You will then see different subscription plans. Scroll down to Subscribe Now to the free-basic plan.
Next, ignore the rest of the installation process and click Settings on the top navigation menu.
Copy your Shortname.

Step 2

Once you have your Shortname copied, you will need to activate the comment system in your DropInBlog account

Go back to DropInBlog and navigate to Settings .
Scroll down to Social Settings and click on the Comment system toggle (to turn it on).
Paste your Disqus Shortname (Ignore the Facebook App ID – that is for our other comment method).
Save all changes and refresh your site to see your new comment system.

Once successfully integrated, Disqus Comments will appear at the end of each blog post.

Updated on: 16/01/2024

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