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White label DiB & using DiB for multiple clients/blogs

Our agency panel: how to manage multiple blog accounts

If you are an agency or freelancer, you can activate our Agency Panel free-of-charge. We also offer subscription plan discounts for multisite usage for users with TWO or more DropInBlog accounts.

The Agency Panel allows you to manage, access, and create different blogs from one interface, making it easy to use DropInBlog in an agency or freelancing setting.

How to white-label DropInBlog

For a one-time fee, we can white-label your agency panel. This means you and your clients will see an admin panel that has your logo and runs on your subdomain. All billings go through you, and you bill your clients directly. DropInBlog will only be your silent partner.

To initiate or learn more about these options, visit our agency page.

Updated on: 04/01/2024

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