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Enable comments on your blog with Facebook (Method 1/2)

You can integrate a comment system on your DropInBlog using your Facebook account, allowing your visitors to start conversations about your blog posts.

This is one of the two methods you can use to add a comment system to your DropInBlog. The alternative is doing it through Disqus - learn how to do that here.

Once successfully integrated, the comment option above will appear at the end of each blog post.

Step 1: Create a Facebook app (in a few clicks)

Go to
Sign in and then click Create App
The prompt below will appear, select Build Connected Experiences

Click Continue, name your app (any name works), and click Create App
Next, you will see the Facebook App ID which you should copy

There is nothing more to it than the instructions above.

Step 2: Once you have your app ID copied, you need to activate the comment system on your DropInBlog

In DropInBlog, navigate to Settings
Scroll down to Social Settings and click on the Comment system toggle (to turn it on)
Paste your Facebook App ID (ignore the Disqus Shortname option - that is for the other method)
Save all changes and refresh your site to see your new comment system

Updated on: 19/05/2021

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