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Best way to copy/paste blog posts from a Google or Word doc

When copying a blog post from a Google or Word doc, you need to convert it into clean HTML before pasting it into the DropInBlog editor. This will ensure that your blog post will blend in with the rest of your website without unintended and awkward formatting.

Here’s how:

Copy your text from a Google or Word doc to an HTML cleaner (we recommend using this cleaner:

Click ‘Convert to clean html’ or the equivalent button

Copy the cleaned HTML version which will look something like this:

In the DropInBlog editor toolbar, go to Tools > Source code and paste the clean HTML version of your new blog post

Setting headings

If you have headings in your blog post, you can convert them from Paragraph text to the type of heading you want once you paste the entire blog post to the DropInBlog editor. Setting your headings this way is great SEO practice for your headings to be correctly recognized by all sorts of (SEO) bots. Set your headings as recommended instead of bolding words or increasing font size.

Click the Paragraph drop-down from the edit menu to set your headings.

We also recommend that you upload any images for your blog posts directly on DropInBlog, instead of leaving them hosted in a Google Doc or another external editor. Go to Insert and select Image to upload images.

Following those tips will ensure your blog posts are formatted the right way and that you are optimizing your blog for SEO success!

We encourage you to also read this article on adding and formatting a blog post.

Updated on: 28/10/2021

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